Beechworth Organic Garlic is grown on the edge of Mount Pilot National Park near Beechworth in North East Victoria and is wholly Australian owned.

Beechworth Organic Garlic is grown off-grid, in mineral rich soil on a 100-acre property, this incredible herb is known to aid many ailments such as blood pressure, heart disease and the common cold. It’s also been known to assist with longevity of life, improving athletic performance and assiting with detoxifying heavy metals from our bodies.
Our love of the region, health and country has led us to becoming ACO Accredited Garlic Producers. Find out more…
Waiting for the Garlic to Grow
Waiting for the Garlic to Grow
Waiting for the Garlic to Grow


Beechworth Organic Garlic currently produce 12 varieties of seasonings along with fresh and smoked whole cloves.
Our seasonings are a unique blend of our ACO Accredited Organic Garlic along with the intense flavour of Murray River Salt and a variety of herbs and spices, so a little bit goes a long way. They are simple, delicious and highly nutritious! A win for even the most challenged or restricted cooks.
We smoke our garlic cloves with redgum wood for hours to achieve a delicious ‘smokey’ flavour which gives our smoked seasonings a warm and refined taste suited to any cuisine. Whether regular or smoked, when adding our uniquely blended organic seasonings to basic foods such as chops and steaks or even simple steamed vegetables, it lifts the taste of the dish to a whole new level of culinary finery.
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