Our journey to becoming Organic Garlic Producers is interesting and varied – here is our journey from the city to the country from music to food producers.

Davids’ introduction into the food industry began with his first part time job at 12 years of age in the local butchery. He completed an apprenticeship in Butchery which saw him progress to a managerial role, then operating his own butchery in the 1980’s.

After working for several years in Australia, he travelled extensively around the world, settling down in England where he completed his education to become a CNC Engineer which he was inspired to do because of his love of all things mechanical.

Returning to Australia, David spent many years developing his building and maintenance skills including the development, creation and instillation of irrigation units on farms throughout Victoria.

Céline spent her early years working in various food outlets including Brumby’s Bakery and Red Rooster. These food outlets gave great foundation in customer service and food preparation with a solid emphasis on having a hard work ethic.

After finishing her secondary school studies, Céline moved to Alice Springs where she continued her hospitality education in various tourism venues where it was considered usual to work in several different hotels and restaurants. Developing waitressing skills from bistro to fine dining, Céline continued to hone her hospitality skills on the Queensland Gold Coast at the Ramada Hotel and the Island Queen Show Boats where her experience in working with various client bases and learning about more diverse cuisines continued.

Returning to Melbourne and continuing to work in the hospitality industry, Céline returned to school to complete a Bachelor of Music and Diploma of Education at Monash University in Melbourne. It was during this time that her interest in nutrition first began and continued as she watched the influence of education as she stepped into the classroom as a classroom Music Specialist teacher. Coming on board with her family’s business Online Music Solutions where she helped developed various group instrumental programs being taught in over 20 schools in Melbourne, Céline continued to develop her skills in both customer service along with administration and business.

David and Céline moved to North East Victoria onto 100 acre property in the Chilton-Mt. Pilot National Park on the outskirts of Beechworth to raise their children, David was able to continue his work within the Agricultural Irrigation industry and Celine she continued with her passion for education, developing and running a music instrumental teaching business in various Primary and Secondary schools throughout the North East.

It was then that David began to apply his knowledge and passion for agriculture and farm life to his everyday life, thriving with the constant challenges of living off the grid and fuelled with desire to live off the land to provide the best source of nutrition and experiences for their children.

This desire led David and Céline to learn more about nutrition and how to grow food on their farm. This gradually turned into a commercial aspiration to share their love of one of the most medicinal, versatile and delicious herbs used today, garlic!

Currently, David and Céline grow various cultivars of garlic in the most pristine of environments. Their property is completely off grid with water sourced from a natural spring deep underground. The soil is prepared with organically certified fertilizer to nurture it to full health and the garlic cloves are planted and weeded with care to maintain the purest of quality.

With a great love of cooking, Céline wanted to develop some culinary products that she felt would be of huge benefit to the community. After much research and development, she and David created a range of salt seasonings by marrying up their organic garlic with Murray River Salt, (a naturally replenishing salt source from Mildura) and various herbs and vegetables. Dehydrated onion, chives, basil, rosemary and chilli were individually combined with their garlic and intensely flavoured salt to produce 6 different flavoured salts. Their curiosity was further satisfied when they found that smoking the garlic also brought about very exciting results and so their salt seasonings were then doubled with the smoked variety.

Next, fresh peeled natural cloves of garlic were added to the growing list of products. Céline placed high priority on producing products that are convenient and easily stored. David furthered the idea by also packaging fresh peeled “smoked” garlic cloves which are so delicious, they had to be hidden due to fingers diving straight into the packet.

Future plans will see the availability of jars with honey fermented garlic cloves which are fantastic as a cold and flu preventative and the highly sort after Black Garlic!

David and Céline continue to learn and create more amazing products on their ACO certified farm and under the banner of their company Beechworth Organics. Beechworth Organic Garlic is fast becoming one of the big contenders amongst esteemed restaurateurs and in household alike.